What is Natural Language Processing?

In this post I’ll be presenting an exciting subfield of AI that joins Computational Linguistics and Computer Science.

Naomi Lago


September 5, 2023

   Have you ever heard about NLP? This acronym refer to Natural Language Processing and this is a well discussed field nowadays. That’s what we’ll be talking today.

   This is a field of research in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence joined with Computational Linguistics. It can be abstracted to processing human languages - like English, Portuguese, Germna etc. This process involves translating the natural language to the machine language, with techniques that transform text into number for example.

   Using metadata, the computer can persist knowledge about our world and help us to optimize amazing things. Let’s see this example using the famous technology GPT-3:

Asking for a dinamic code for a specific task

   GPT-3 can answer questions more complex than the shown above, but we can note the precision in your answers, i.e. knowing the user wants a code built with Python, not JavaScript, and writing the answer based on the language syntax the user requested. In addition, this model made sure to explain each part of what it delivered and all of this using an ethical and respectful voice.

   Well, NLP is not only applied in chatbots as we saw for sure. Now, let’s take a look at this table that show us a variety of applications in this field:

Natural Language Processing in Action published by Manning

   Natural Language Processing is an amazing and complex field. There are many cool concepts behind and I’d like to share all that I’ve been seeing and learning.

   Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one ⭐